How I got rid of TMJ pain

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I’m Amanda, 24 from Derby, UK. In this blog I’m sharing my experience on my successful treatment for an excruciating jaw pain I had suffered.

My aching jaw was characterized with a discomfort in chewing, difficulty in moving jaw joint; I couldn’t even yawn without feeling pain. I thought the pain on the side of my right jaw would alleviate if I only took pain-killers but that didn’t work at all.

In order to find a solution, I browsed internet to exactly what this pain was called and where could I find a treatment. After reading about the symptoms, I realised that the soaring area on the side of my face was called temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) while the deteriorating condition of this joint results in TMJ disorder and that’s exactly what I was having.

On the internet, I found few websites that contained some very useful information for TMD patients. I found some dos and don’ts to alleviate pain. Nonetheless I still needed to know about proper treatment.

I also found out about Botox being used as remedy for TMD. At first I was very surprised to know that. I thought I was too young for Botox, I don’t have any wrinkles, and I should rather try something else. One of my friends then convinced me to have a go. She recently had a Botox treatment done and told me that there’s more to it than just vanishing wrinkles.

Once I decided to try out Botox, I contacted a private cosmetic clinic located near Pride Park. They set me an appointment for the next day. At visit, I had a brief consultation session where the practitioner told me all I needed to know. He told me that since I wasn’t having Botox for wrinkles, there’s no need to worry about my age, although those injections could be painful, and may cause bruising afterwards. Regardless, the treatment is very effective and is performed for TMJ all over UK and outside.

As long as the treatment works, I didn’t have any problems, with that being said I had the treatment done. It involved applying anaesthesia, and injections containing fine needles on the affected area. As I was told, those were in fact painful, but not more than my TMJ pain. It was good to go back home in just 15 minutes.

The results were not very immediate, it took 3-4 days for the pain to alleviate. Bruising and swelling fad in a week. The peak results turned up on the 5th day after treatment.

It actually worked! It’s been 2 months since I had Botox treatment for TMD, I feel better now. My doctor said that results would remain active for 6 months. But I wouldn’t mind having another session.


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