Tips on having Botox the ‘right way’

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Botox is popularized as an incredible anti-aging treatment and rightly so. Botulinum toxin, which is its main substance plays key role in paralyzing muscular activity, consequently reducing dynamic lines and wrinkles.

‘Frozen face’ is among its most unwanted outcomes. Excessive amount of Botox being injected to the affected areas can lead to this problem making face expression-less as if it has been frozen. While the smaller than required number of units of Botox can be inefficient in giving away the wanted results, lines and wrinkles may still remain.

With some potential risks and possibility of unwanted results, anyone looking to have Botox treatment might think about ways to make the most of it to ensure your procedure goes smoothly. Here are some tips that should help you with it:

•    Choose the ‘right’ practitioner: Before settling an appointment, you should do some research about how this process is done. Choosing the right practitioner is vital. Otherwise you might fall into hands of a cosmetic cowboy, a Botox practitioner with inadequate qualifications. The results may go worse than you may expect. It is recommended that you ensure getting appointed at a reputable NHS registered or a local private Botox clinic where you can get this procedure done in safe hands. Ask anyone among family and friends who’ve already had Botox, learn about their experience, particularly the expertise of their practitioner.

•    Check if there’s any good offer: If you’re referred by someone, it might earn them, you or both a discount on the treatment. Find out if there’s such an opportunity that might save you some valuable money.

•    Discuss everything in Consultation session: Tell your doctor if you have any allergies. It’s very important that you clarify each and everything during consultation to avoid any risks after treatment.

•    Aftercare: Botox doesn’t require downtime or serious aftercare. But you should still be careful. You might experience bruising, swelling and redness but that should fade away.

With some discreet considerations, you can avoid certain unwanted outcomes and get the results which you want to see.


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