Medical Advancement in Cosmetic Surgery Treatments

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The last decade has seen a dramatic increase in the popularity of cosmetic surgery treatments, thanks to celebrities who now openly tweets their before and after treatment pics. Aesthetic surgery treatments are no more a secret; they are a fag now. Not only celebrities are going through such treatments but general public is also using them to improve their looks, correct any aesthetic problem, and slow down the aging process. This rise in popularity is also because of the new advancements in cosmetic surgery treatments making them safer and more effective than they were a decade earlier.

The main development in this field of medicine is in both the technology and procedure. The technological innovation is evident through the increasing use of light, heat and laser technology while the procedural improvement is through the use of better techniques in carrying out the old-established cosmetic surgical therapies.

A Brief Insight of the Past Development

Cosmetic surgeries are not plastic surgeries. They are mainly to improve the aesthetic appeal of a person and not to reconstruct the defamed organs. It is actually a branch of plastic surgery with limited use – only for improvement in the appearance of a person and, in this way, boosting his or her confidence.

Plastic surgery has been performed since old ages yet aesthetic surgery is a relatively new treatment option. It was around 600 BC when rhinoplasty was first performed by an Indian surgeon but it was for reconstruction purposes as nose cutting was common those days. But it was not only in 20th century when rhinoplasty was performed for the first time for cosmetic reasons. Likewise, it was not before 1903 when breast augmentation surgery was conducted not for improving the defamed organ but to boost the feminine beauty. In 1930s the facelift surgical procedure got invented and with this a new era of cosmetic surgery started. However, it was only the last decade when these procedures gained considerable popularity and demand and also much improvement in their usefulness and safety.

Improvement in the Safety of Surgical Procedures

New technology and improved knowledge about human anatomy has enabled surgeons to perform less invasive surgeries with better precision and less chances of infections and allergies. The open surgical procedures has been replaced with arthroscopic surgeries where with just a little incision the surgeon can not only visualize the problem inside your body but can also operate it successfully ensuring lesser pain and reduced downtime for patients. Many cosmetic surgical procedures like facelift are now being conducted using this less-invasive technique. Also, many non-surgical alternatives to surgical cosmetic procedures have also been developed like mini-rhinoplasty in place of surgical nose job, Botox and Dermal Fillers instead of surgical facelift, Miredry and Ionotophresis as a substitute to VAS surgery and so on. These alternatives can give you temporary but safer solutions to your cosmetic problems.

Furthermore, with the recognition of these cosmetic surgery treatments as medical ones, the public medical authorities are now keeping a check on their uses and abuses. British Association of Aesthetic Plastic surgeon, for instance, is making good effort in improving the safety of cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK, especially in London where there is no dearth of cosmetic clinics. Many surgical procedures have been banned by FDA in the US and similar medical authorities in the UK. Federal laws have been passed for the safety of these procedures and to ensure that only qualified surgeons perform them.

Improvement in Outcome of Cosmetic Surgery Treatments

Not only the cosmetic surgery procedures have become safer, they have become more advanced and are giving much better outcome than their predecessors. Now it is possible for both males and females to improve the appearance of their genital organs. Man can increase the size of their penis and women can go for vaginal tightening surgery. The outcome of facelift surgery has also improved with some changes in its procedure. With better tools, liposuction can now be performed with much precision, letting surgeon only remove the unwanted fats from patient’s body. The length of scar in the abdominoplasty is now getting smaller and smaller with improved methods. Thus, with less risk to your life, you can have more natural looks with improved aesthetic through these cosmetic surgery treatments.

The Bad Side of the Picture

Although improvement has been great in the cosmetic surgery field, this technological and procedural improvement might result in some serious outcome as well. For instance, face transplantation has not yet been used for cosmetic reasons pertaining to the high risk. But with improved technology this procedure has become much lesser risky and there are chances that this might be used in the future for giving better faces to those who don’t like their natural looks. This definitely can cause some social problems as one can alter his/her identity through such transplantation programs in the name of improving the looks.

Another problem is psychological in nature. The continuous increase in the popularity and better access to such treatments has made people more critical of their looks. With the improved technology, it is now possible to broadcast such treatments through TV. Internet is full of such surgical videos. With so much exposure, it has become difficult for people to understand the true meaning of gracefully aging. No one wants to have saggy skin, white hairs and wrinkled face. “You can’t fight with nature,” an expert surgeon in the London held, “cosmetic surgery treatments have their limits and you can’t expect them to make you young again.”

This realistic approach is needed to be spread to the public through public education and awareness programs. British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons and many other similar no-profit collaborative NGOs are constantly holding conferences in London for increasing awareness about cosmetic surgery treatments. They ought to spread this effort to all other areas of the UK as well.


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