How to counter the aging skin problem?

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aging skin problem
As the signs of aging starts to appear, worry and stress also starts increasing which contributes more to the aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. But it is no more a stress taking thing. The availability of non-surgical cosmetic procedures has revolutionzed the way wrinkles and aging signs are treated now.

Today, not all the cosmetic procedures need general anesthesia and cut. There are certain procedures which can now smooth the wrinkles and other aging signs in even less than an hour’s time in the office of doctor, with almost no down time. Now-a-days, a non-surgical cosmetic surgery has become a lunch-time affair at different cosmetic surgery clinics in UK including Portsmouth.

Aging skin treatment options at Portsmouth clinics

There are different kinds of non-invasive aging skin treatment options offered by the Portsmouth clinics which can be completed in less than hour.

•    Botox In Portsmouth clinics

Botulinum Toxin A, renowned as Botox, is one of the known and highly effective treatment for wrinkles and other aging signs. Botox in Portsmouth is offered by many different clinics.
The procedure involves injection of Botox units into the frown lines, crow’s feet, and other wrinkles and fine lines on face. Botox works by paralyzing and relaxing the facial muscles which causes wrinkles.
In office setting, Botox in Portsmouth take almost 15 – 30 minutes to administer in the doctor’s office settings. There is a minimal amount of pain and discomfort which does not interfere with the normal routine work and the patient can instantly return to work after treatment.

It is a highly efficient and time saving treatment with amazing but temporary results because the effects of botox treatment starts to fade away in 4-6 months and the patient need to retake the treatment.
There can be swelling and bruising in some patients which is usually temporary and goes away in few days or week.

•    Chemical peels in Portsmouth clinics

Along with Botox Portsmouth, chemical peels treatment is also offered by the cosmetic treatment clinics. It is also a time saving procedure for treating aging signs.
The procedure involves application of a special chemical solution on the facial areas, neck or on hands. The quantity of chemical is controlled which damages the outer layer of skin and cause it to peel off , after the procedure. This treatment helps in removing the acne scars, aging spots and some forms of wrinkles.
It can cause the redness and irritation in the skin after the treatment so it is recommended that patients should wear sunscreen for the protection of their vulnerable skin.

•    Microdermabrasion in Portsmouth clinics

In this treatment a special kind of device is used which do sand blasting on the skin surface by spraying the microscopic abrasive crystals. It mainly removes or reduces the scars caused due to acne or chickenpox, age spots and wrinkles.

This treatment also takes almost 30- 60 minutes to complete and several treatments might be needed to achieve good results. It has minimal side effects for majority of patients with almost no recovery time.
Out of these treatments, most popular is Botox Tretament in Portsmouth due to its fast and great results. But you need to do proper research about the clinics in Portsmouth and the practitioners before undertaking any sort of non-surgical cosmetic treatment.


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