No Knife, No cut; get non-surgical nose job to smooth out your nose bumps and flaws

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Many of us are unsatisfied with the shape of our nose. We all admire straight, pointed and sleek nose as it enhance the beauty of our entire face. Many people have bumpy nose with which they feel unhappy. In the past, the only procedure to change the shape of the nose was surgical rhinoplasty or surgical nose job but now things have changed. The revolutionary non-surgical cosmetic procedures have made it easy than ever to alter your facial appearance without undergoing knife and cut surgery.

Non-surgical nose job London is one such procedure which can give you brilliant results by removing the bumps and asymmetries in your nose. It is easy, simple and involves no cutting as in surgery. The procedure can take 15- 30 minutes to complete with minimal side effects.

Non-surgical Nose job procedure

Non-surgical nose job or No-knife nose job procedure is administered by the use of dermal fillers. The popularly used dermal fillers for the treatment are hyaluronic acid based fillers like Juvederm and Radiesse which naturally absorb in the body with the passage of time and are relatively safe with minimum side effects.

During the procedure of non-surgical nose job London, dermal filler is injected to the place on the nose which requires treatment. The results of the treatment are almost immediate. The fillers fill up the bumps and smooth the line of the nose from the start to the tip, giving it straight and sleek appearance.

Who can choose non-surgical nose job London?

Almost anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of their nose, who have bumps or slight unevenness, or have little hole due to surgery or have developed a problem in the shape of nose due to accident. This procedure is ideal for removing small imperfections. It subtly enhances and improves the shape of the nose, making it look more attractive without any noticeable change.

If the nose is bigger with a thicker tip it becomes more difficult to treat such nose shape. People with such nose type better choose surgical nose job or surgical rhinoplasty.

Risk factors involved in Non-surgical nose job

Though non-surgical nose job London is relatively safe procedure but it is not without risks. Non-surgical does not imply that it is not a medical procedure. Dermal filler in the hands of an expert, experienced and certified cosmetic practitioner can do wonders to your face while in the hands of unprofessional and inexperienced cosmetic doctor it can ruin your facial appearance.

It is highly recommended that you should choose the non- surgical nose job London by the professional and registered cosmetic practitioners and doctors who are qualified and experienced to conduct the procedure and have complete understanding of the requirements of different skin types.

Do remember that it is not just any kind of beauty procedure which can be conducted at any local beauty parlor. It is entirely a medical procedure which requires professional expertise and qualification.


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