Use of Botox for treating Chronic Migraines

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Botox for treating Chronic Migraines

In 2010, Botox ( botulinum Toxin A ) was licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), as a treatment for the prevention of chronic migraines. Studies have shown that Botox is highly effective in treating the chronic migraines. Due to its efficacy in treating migraines it may also treat other kinds of headaches like episodic migraines, headaches related to tension, and cluster headaches but this still needs to be further researched.

Botox and Chronic migraines

During the mid 1990s, a number of renowned medical professionals reported that there was a significant reduction in the migraines headaches and pain in those patients who received the Botox treatment for any other reason like anti-wrinkle treatment. Soon after this revelation, scientific research studies and clinical trials were performed for treating various kinds of headaches which further lead towards the development of efficacy of Botox in preventing and treating the chronic migraines.

How Botox works in controlling migraines?

Botox aids in preventing chronic and severe headaches by inhibiting the action of the primary muscles involved including forehead, shoulder and neck muscles. It blocks the connections of nerves which send messages of pain and discomfort to the muscles hence controlling the chronic migraines. There has already been a lot of scientific evidence to prove that Botox reduces pain in numerous painful conditions like neuropathic pain, myofascial pain, lower back pain, bladder pain and cervical dystonia. Many practitioners also consider that Botox blocks the release of peripheral nociceptive neurotransmitters. This may cause a central pain processing system to turn off which is a cause of producing migraine headaches.

From where to get the Botox treatment in London for migraines?

With the development of proven efficacy of Botox in treating migraines, there are many cosmetic and medical clinics in London that are now offering Botox in London for treating chronic migraines and headaches. But before you choose any clinic for the Botox treatment, you should ensure that the clinic from where you are getting the treatment should have trained, experienced and qualified doctors who must have proper training in diagnosis as well as in the management of chronic migraines and headaches. They should also possess the knowledge and hands on practice of administering Botox injections according to the schedule set by PREEMPT.

With an increasing awareness about the migraine treatment with Botox in London, there are now many specialised migraine treatment clinics which provide professional and experience consultation and Botox treatment for the chronic headaches which strongly affects the quality of your life.

So, if you are a victim of these severe headaches and pain, it’s a high time that you seek the treatment for it. Other kind of medications and pain killers often fail to give you the relief from migraine pain. Migraine treatment with Botox in London offer relatively long term outcomes which relieve your pain for comparatively longer periods of time and repeated treatments according to the prescribed schedule can significantly reduce the headaches for more number of days.


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