How lip filler injections can change the way your lips look?

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Lip enhancement before and after

Every woman long for luscious, plump and youthful lips because lips are considered to be an emblem of sensual beauty and sexual attraction. Lips are significantly affected by many factors like ageing, sun damage, smoking etc. as they are one of the most sensitive organs of our face. As a result of various internal and external factors affecting our skin, lips lose their colour and volume. They may become thin and colourless and develop vertical lines which cause the lipstick to bleed.

Since ancient times, women have been employing different methods to enhance their lips and to make them plump and fuller. Various cosmetic brands offer numerous lip plumping products including lip gloss, special lip plumpers and devices which plump the lips. But all such methods are short lived and they give your lips a plump look only for few hours. Some lip plumping devices may even harm significantly harm your lips.

Lip enhancement has achieved a new level with the advancement in medical research. Now lip augmentation is much easier, relatively long lasting and minimally painful than before. Lip augmentation treatment involves the use of injectable fillers like collagen, fat injections, dermal fillers which give volume, colour and plumpness to thin, colourless and volume less lips. Of all the different types of fillers, dermal fillers have got quick popularity among the people due to their effectiveness, fast results and natural results.

Lip filler injections make use of natural hyaluronic acid dermal fillers like Juvederm to fill up the lips. These are natural fillers with minimal side effects such as temporary bruising and swelling which normally fades away in few days, infusing life and plumpness into your thin and colourless lips.

You can clearly see in the pictures of how lip enhancement before and after can completely give natural and attractive enhancement to your overall facial features.

lip enhancement before and after


Botox Dermal Fillers

As you can see in the lip enhancement before and after pictures that patients attained a well-defined lip border with reduction of vertical lines and enhancement of volume and natural lip colour after they received the lip filler injections.

Lip features augmented with lip enhancement

There are different areas of the lips that can be effectively enhanced with dermal fillers.

  • Accentuation of vermillion border that is the outer margin or outline of upper lip
  • Increasing the volume of both upper and lower lips
  • Reducing the size of oral commisures, dents that may appear around the corners of the mouth considered as sign of ageing
  • Increase in the size of cupid’s bow that is the middle part of the upper lip that appears like a bow.
  • Correction of marionette lines that exist just underneath the oral commisures. These lines are more prominent in people who smoke and they later become a part of laugh lines.

lip enhancement

However, the effects of lip filler injections are temporary and repeat injections are required after 4-6 months. The cost of lip enhancement may start from £250 and can go up to £1000.


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