The Secret Behind The Rise Of Micro Skin Needling Treatments

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The trends in professional skin care keep on changing with the evolution and innovation in cosmetic treatments. With the introduction of lasers, radio frequency devices and other skin tightening and smoothing treatments that use intensely high temperatures to initiate the skin’s natural healing process, the traditional methods of skin rejuvenation and tightening has largely been replaced.

Though these latest treatments do give effective results but there are many people who cannot bear the heat and temperature of these devices and their other skin conditions like rosacea or melasma flares up and even their skin become discoloured causing uneven skin tone. Due to these reasons, the dermatologist and cosmetic doctors are reverting to the traditional methods of skin tightening and rejuvenation.

This approach towards the adoption of basic skin resurfacing techniques has again placed micro skin needling treatment in demand. It is a technique that use fine needles studded device to create tiny punctures into the skin surface (potentially into the dermis skin layer) with the objective of stimulating collagen production by activating the natural healing process of skin.

During the recent years, the procedure has taken an advanced shape. Now there are derma rollers, derma stamps and derma pens fitted with finest, sharp and tiny needles that cause minimal discomfort and pain to the skin. These devices are not just effective in firming skin but are also significantly cheaper than the latest lasers which develop similar kinds of precise pinpoint holes into the skin surface through the use of heat.

Why choose micro skin needling?

Through the process of micro skin needling, the skin’s own collagen production is accelerated which helps in reducing scars, enlarged pores, and stretch marks and brings about improvement in the texture and firmness of skin. The treatment can be performed on any part of the body even in the regions that are difficult to treat through lasers or skin peeling treatment. The procedure has minimal downtime and is well-tolerated. It is possible to create a personalised treatment by placing needles deeper into the skin in some areas while staying in the superficial layer in others depending on skin concerns.

Micro needling can either be done at home or in the clinical settings. There are numerous skin needling devices available in the market but the choice of the device should be carefully done. Choose the device which is medically approved and have the required needle length for the concern you wish to treat. However, it is always a better choice to consult a qualified and experienced dermatologist or cosmetic doctor about the device and the treatment before performing the treatment by your own self.

Micro needling before and after pictures

Here is some micro needling before and after pictures to show you the effect of the treatment;

micro-needling-before-and-afterThe procedure of micro needling is often used in combination with skin rejuvenating products and serums because it improves the penetration of the products deeper into the skin layers and improving their absorption manifolds. Due to proper absorption of products in the skin, their performance boosts and they give enhanced results in the form of smoother, firmer, radiant and healthier skin. The treatment can be performed on all types of skin and colours without any potential or severe side effects.


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