Anti Ageing Ingredients To Boost Collagen Production

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The appearance of lines and wrinkles is one of the most prominent signs of facial ageing. These fine lines and wrinkles form due to the loss of collagen and elastin within a skin. This loss is accelerated further by sun damage to the skin. So to reverse this effect you need to stimulate your skin to produce more collagen or you can take anti-wrinkle treatment like botox Liverpool treatment to remove lines and wrinkles from your face.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add collagen to the skin from outside. To reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, your body should naturally produce collagen within skin cells. There are some powerful ingredients which have the power to ‘turn on’ your body’s own system of collagen renewal so look for these ingredients when you buy anti-ageing the products. These are the following:

  • Peptides: these are the long amino acid chains which actually makeup the proteins that form collagen. The products containing peptides are good at stimulating the body to naturally accelerate the production of collagen which helps in reducing fine lines and increases elasticity of skin.
  • Retinoids: these are Vitamin-A derivatives including Retin-A, Renova and tretinoin. The retinoid in skincare products acts at a deeper level of genes and causes enhanced production of collagen, new blood vessels, fade dark spots and reduce precancerous skin spots.
  • AHAs (alpha hydroxy acid): Glycolic acid is a mild AHA which gently removes and exfoliates the dead and damaged layer of skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and discolouration and stimulate cells renewal and collagen production within skin. The skincare products with at least 10% glycolic acid work to stimulate collagen building. It is important to remember that glycolic acid is not for everyone. If you have sensitive or damaged skin consults your dermatologist before using it.
  • BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids): Salicylic acid is a commonly used BHA in skincare products that helps to exfoliate and remove the accumulation of dead, damaged skin, debris and sebum from the skin. It improves the skin’s barrier function, thickness and production of collagen within skin thus improving appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • Vitamin C and its derivatives: The use of Vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid as an anti-ageing ingredient has been backed up by a reliable scientific research. It acts in two ways for skin rejuvenation. It is necessary for the synthesis of collagen and it is an anti-oxidant that fights free radicals to reduce skin damage. With the vitamin C or its derivative in skincare products with at least 10% concentration helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and also improves the texture of the skin. It is important to note that you should buy vitamin C products in the opaque tube so that it should not be exposed to air or light as it loses its effectiveness when it comes in contact with air.

In addition to using these important skin rejuvenating ingredients, you should protect your skin from the dangerous UV rays of the sun which can cause severe damage to the skin layers leading to premature ageing. Use a good broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher when you leave for outdoors or SPF15 when you are inside. Reapply it after every 3-4 hours.

If you started developing lines and wrinkles then along with using skincare products with the above-mentioned ingredients, you can undertake botox Liverpool treatment to reduce lines and wrinkles. Botox paralyses the underlying muscles due to which the surface skin become smooth and wrinkle-free. However, this is a temporary solution and a use of good skin care ingredients will give longer lasting results.


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