Botox Nottingham Solution Of The Ageing Skin

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Botox is becoming popular around the globe as an anti-aging solution for the skin. Earlier, the practice was famous among showbiz celebrities who used cosmetic surgery to look beautiful. Now, ordinary individuals are also becoming conscious of their aging skin.

Before knowing how Botox works, let’s have a look at how aging effects the skin.

Effects of Ageing on Skin

Wrinkles are the most common effect of an ageing skin. As an individual grows old, the rate at which his skin cells divide slows down. As a result of this, upper layer of skin becomes thin and starts sagging. Further an ageing skin loses the capacity to absorb moisture and becomes dry, ultimately appearing dull. With the passage of time a person loses his youthful skin. In the start of ageing process, mostly in late thirties and early forties wrinkles start appearing on the parts of the face like eye-brow frowns, under eyes and around the corners of lips.

Removing the ageing signs

Ageing is a natural process and it doesn’t stop, but a person can stop its effects through proper remedial measures. Using, natural substances, like lemon, rose water, cream, honey, chickpea floor and other such things, is a quite common practice but difficult to maintain. In order to instantly achieve a fresh and youthful skin, on should opt for cosmetic surgery techniques like Botox and Fillers. These techniques don’t stop ageing process but they make the skin look fresh and energetic while maintaining its natural appearance.

How does Botox work?

Basically Botox technique is a way to stop nerves from sending message to the muscles for growing age. In this process, Botox which is trade name of Botulinum Toxin (derived from bacteria) is administered in the skin cells to paralyze the muscle activity, so that no more wrinkles are produced. The drug is injected in the areas like forehead line, eye lines and eye brow frowns. In general the toxin is lethal and can cause havoc, if use for such purpose. During Botox treatment, a very minute quantity of drug is used.

Getting a complete treatment at Botox Nottingham

It is highly recommended that while choosing from Botox, one should look for a complete package. Using the services at Botox Nottingham, a patient is likely to get consultation from doctors, tips to look more aesthetically appealing and pre-cautions to retain the effects of treatment for the long time. Usually, cosmetic surgeon can be anyone and they don’t know how to treat the side effects. It is wise to look for a service that offers consultation in all the aspects.

Normally, there are no side effects of Botox except few normal easy to cure issues like vomiting, nausea, headache and muscles pain etc.

Expectations for Botox Treatment

It seems that any anti-aging treatment that requires administering injections can take many hours. In reality it is not so. It is simply a non-surgical treatment that often takes less than half hour. At Botox clinics patients become free within 15 minutes. Specialists provide them free consultation. It is also better to look for doctors who are experienced in the field. Botox has picked up trend in these years, but treatment dates back to more than 20 years. Hence, it is possible to look for dermatologists and aesthetic surgeons who have diverse experience in the field. Botox clinics at Nottingham have got an array of professionals who are expert in their work.

Soon after the treatment patients can continue their normal life without letting anyone to notice what they have gone through.. Very often, a specialist can only tell by looking up to the skin if someone has gone such aesthetic treatment or not. The results of Botox become visible within 3-7 days. Side effects like nausea and vomiting are also very rare and not last longer.

Effectiveness of Botox

Effects of Botox treatment last for six months. On average the skin remains tight till 3-4 months. People who opt for repeated treatments see a lack of wrinkles and reduction in anti-ageing effects in a long run. The treatment remains more effective for the areas like eye brows, forehead lines, under the eyes and near corners of the mouth.

Specialists also recommend the follow up after two weeks of treatments. Botox clinics don’t charge extra for follow up, because the costs are included in the first treatment. It is also recommended to give Botox results time for their appearance; this should take at most two weeks. Choosing for any follow up before this time period can be a bit early.


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