How To Get The Best Out Of Your Nose Job

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The nose has vital importance in the overall appearance of the face and has a deep effect on a person’s self-confidence. Place smack dab on the centre of the face, the nose is the anchor feature and draws attention immediately to itself. An aesthetically pleasing nose which is right in the shape and all its proportions positively affects another person’s judgement. So those who feel that their nose doesn’t fit their face often go through low self-esteem and feel self-conscious.

Non-surgical nose job is a non-invasive procedure that involves injecting a suitable dermal filler made of up hyaluronic acid, which is a natural skin plumper, into the nose to alter its shape according to the patient’s desire. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is only a cosmetic procedure, it means that it only affects the appearance of the nose and can’t be used to alter the shape or size. It can be used to even out the bumps on the bridge of the nose, create a flat on a flat nose, straighten out the crooked shape and reduce the angle of the nose tip.

Non-surgical nose job is very safe and requires just topical anesthesia or a numbing agent premixed with the filler for a comfortable experience. This procedure leaves little to no swelling or bruises and does not require any downtime. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is ideal for the people who have already given the surgery a shot, and don’t want to go for a revision rhinoplasty. A lot of people prefer non-invasive procedure because it is reversible and a temporary procedure; this also gives patients a chance to see what the results of a nose job will look like before committing to surgery. Following are the ways in which you can get the best results from your nose job.

1. Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon:
The most important job before you undergo the procedure is to find the cosmetic person who is excellent in performing facial procedures. The skill and knowledge of working with the anatomy of the face are imperative for the good results. But your choice of the cosmetologist go beyond this experience, you should choose a surgeon who is experienced, skilled and someone with whom you can connect with and develop a trusting relationship.

2. Be clear about your requirements:
You surgeon should be crystal clear about the requirements of your final results. Take some time to study the shape of your nose and the site to inject the fillers, so that you can communicate your requirements to your surgeon. You must also see the before and after images of the procedure done on different points on the nose so that you have realistic images of the results and share those images with your surgeon. Your cosmetologist will then discuss and draw the best shape based on your anatomy.

3. Have realistic expectations:
While a non-surgical rhinoplasty will improve your facial appearance by balancing the symmetry of your nose and improve breathing, it is not like a magic potion that will solve all your life’s problems. It will only make a subtle and much-needed change in your nose, it won’t change your whole face. You should have a realistic expectation of the result of your nose job to enjoy and cherish them. You should also take a little care of the swelling and the bruises that might form. You just need to rub them with ice and the swelling will subside within two to three days.


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