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With Lip Augmentation, Celebrities Are Not The Only Ones Who Can Smile!

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We often come across the before and after pictures of famous Hollywood actresses and are astonished to see a remarkable difference in their facial features. Instead of ageing, their pouts have become more pronounced, their lips have become plumper and their sag lines have just disappeared! The reason behind this change is lip augmentation which has given them a beautiful and confident smile. We understand that the day-to-day events of a non-celebrity cannot be as glamorous as celebrities, but it does not mean that you should lose your confidence when you step out of your house. A big and beautiful smile is a like a constant dose of oomph. It doesn’t matter if you are ageing and your lips are the first to show the signs of ageing. You should embrace your age, and still, if you need to feel confident and young when you smile, you can always go for lip augmentation.


With age, our skin loses its natural plumper called hyaluronic acid, which causes the skin to sag and results in wrinkle formation. The first sign of ageing appears around the mouth and the corner of the eyes; we get crow’s feet and laugh lines. At this stage, the wrinkles are classified as “elegant lines”. After this stage the lips lose their plumpness, start to sag and get wrinkled. This is the stage when people start to lose their confidence because the smile doesn’t seem just right! The photographs do not show your happiness and are not cover picture worthy anymore. On the other hand, some of us are not blessed with plump lips to start with and shy away when asked to smile in front of thecamera. No matter what your lip problem is, there are ways to fix it and get the look that you always wanted. When it comes to the ways you can enhance your lips, you have the following options:

  1. Temporary lip plumping: You can get a very temporary full pout by using lip glosses which have mints and other collagen stimulating ingredients which can plump you mouth for a very short period of time, mostly a few hours. Sometimes these lip glosses do not even work, so you need to try them before your big night otherwise you’ll just be disappointed.
  2. Non-surgical lip augmentation: This is one of the most popular and safest ways to get plump lips. Non-surgical lip job is done by injecting natural fillers into your lips for a natural plump look. The most commonly used filler is hyaluronic acid. This is a temporary solution and is reversible which is always advantageous.
  3. Surgical lips implants: If you are satisfied with the way your lips looks after the non-surgical lift, you can always have the same permanent look by getting surgical implants. In this method, implants are inserted in the lips by making cuts in the inner lips. Though implants usually don’t look natural, therefore you need to do your research before jumping on the permanent bandwagon.

Celebrities are not the only ones who can have gorgeous pouts and beautiful mega-watt smiles. If you are in UK lip Job in London are very cheap and you can have your lips filled. Discuss your options for temporary, semi-permanent or permanent lip job London. We all have the right to give that million dollar smile and a plump-lipped pout can take you one step closer to finding your lost confidence.


Botox Nottingham Solution Of The Ageing Skin

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Non Surgical Aesthetic Treatments; A Key To Skin Rejuvenation In 2017

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